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Use TouchOsc on the iPhone to trigger something on the Raspberry Pi

I can now use TouchOsc on my iPhone to trigger something on my Raspberry Pi. I use the Python library pyOSC to do it. It works practically out of the box. The difficulty was to install the Python library. I’m not so familiar with installing things on linux. For now,  I can send from my iPhone, but today I plan to get it working both ways. I invite you to follow on Twitter to get posted about my progress.

Raspberry Pi Touch Osc iPhone

Change Raspberry Pi lost password

Too much on a hurry when I choose my Raspberry Pi password, and I wrongly noted it. There is a way to reset the pi user password.

  1. Insert the card in your Mac SD card reader (must work on Window too);
  2. Edit the file “cmdline.txt” and append “init=/bin/sh” (thanks Joe Schmoe). The Rpi will boot in single user mode;
  3. Insert the card in the RPi again and boot up;
  4. When prompt available, enter “su” to log as root (with no password);
  5. Type “passwd pi” and enter a new password;
  6. Remember the new password;
  7. Remove the appended string in the “cmdfile.txt” file. Voila!

If you need a password for the root and you don’t have it either, edit the “/etc/shadow” file and replace the root password with a asterisk. Then it will be no password for the root user. (not tested yet).