Canon SX10 remote control for 3 bucks

I recently hacked my Canon SX10 IS with the CHDK pack. This add the nice feature to remotely trigger the camera. Really useful to do night shooting. I wanted to make a cheap but efficient remote control. I found all the needed parts in a Dollarama dollar store for only 3$. In the headlamp we have all I needed: a 3 AAA battery holder and a trigger push button. I simply replaced de leds circuit by the USB extension cable. And now, I’m ready to do long exposition steady shots!

Cheap digital camera USB remote control

2 thoughts on “Canon SX10 remote control for 3 bucks

  1. Kevin, I noticed that your site about “Dollarama” came from the Google Search.

    I was looking for more bike lamp as I’m working to hack the lamp and make it more efficient than they sold it for.

    Can i please have your pics of camera connection between it and headlamp usb mod?

    Thanks for writing this useful post. 🙂


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